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Amatsumagatsuchi said : Wait… The Pokemon Trainer was supposed to have a female version?

If you count Fire and Leaf as two sides of the same coin, then yes. They should have put her in there. I know it might be a little more involved because their character designs differ a bit more than the wii fit trainers’ designs do, but with all the stuff they stuck in that game it still rubs me the wrong way that they didn’t put her in there.

And then a generation later, the announcement of the male wii fit trainer just felt a lot like Nintendo saying, “Like the moveset but don’t want to have to play as a girl? WELL DO WE HAVE NEWS FOR YOU.” 

and that’s not cool at all.

I didn’t realize why until just now but when they announced that you could also play as the male wii fit trainer in the new SSB it really rubbed me the wrong way. 

The last time they added a character that came in male and female to the game (pokemon trainer), only male was playable. 


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